Thursday, September 07, 2006

I, me and myself

I have decided to present myself. S here I am.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Yesterday I have heard that commodore is back with some new hardware. It is not computer or PC but some kind of multimedia device. But anyway I am happy that they are back becouse I grow up with commodore 64.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


World leaders have invited American, Japanese and Bosnian to se who of them has more sophisticated brain.
So first they open Americans head and there is pretty god brain with some modifications.
Then they open Japanese head and there they find lots of electronic gadgets so they where pretty imprested.
Finally they open head of Bosnians and they find just one peace of wire from one ear to another so they were interested what that wire is doing her so they decide to cut it.
So they cut it and his ears fall off.

What is blonde with black forelock.
Artificial intelligence.

What is blonde girl between two red heads.
Mind blocking buffer

Policeman is walking and he sees a blonde knocking on the column of street-light so he asks her what is she doing. She tells him that she has seen advert on the column that they rent place and she I knocking for them to open up.
And policeman said that is strange that nobody opens because light is on.

My apologies to policeman’s, blondes and to Bosnians, I don’t have anything against you ( I personally like you).

Friday, September 01, 2006

Women drivers

Why do they or are they driving worse you can leave your thoughts in comments .
Far as I am considered in general they drive worse. I don’t now why is that I don’t now: maybe they think about something else or they are more scared with talks about women bad driving or etc.
I now whenever I am yelling trough the window in 90% it is women driver. But I have meet some women that I can call Schumi (Schumacher). Here are some picks.

Yes it is a women:)

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Policeman’s jokes

Ok, people now it is time for something else. I will write a few jokes about policeman that are translated from Croatian but who cares.

How policeman makes ink.
He kicks water until it turns blue.

How policeman opens a can.
He aims in her with gun and yells: "open in name of justice”.

How many policeman’s do you need to change a light bulb.
Four. One is standing on the table and holding a light bulb, two of them are turning the table.
Last one is holding gun and watching that first doesn’t get killed buy electricity.

That’s all for now see you tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Wind power

Last week I was driving trough Croatia (Dalmatia) and I saw maybe 10 wind power plants on top of the hill and I was amused for few kilometers with how nice they look. Last night I was watching TV and I saw documentary about those power plants and find out that they are making power for about 10000 houses, that they pay of themselves in 14 years and that they cost about 17 mil $. Next thing I was surfing and find out that energy that is produced that way is cheaper than energy made in coal power plants and even 4 times cheaper than in gas power plant. So question is way do we bother about energy. We have just start building wind power plants because they are cheaper, cleaner and they look nice. Of course you cant build them anywhere but still it is nice idea ( better one than nuclear power).
Here are some links:

Wind Costs Compared to Other Energy Sources
Wind energy
Wind power

Wind Energy Basics
The Future of Wind Power

So can you compare two pictures below. I am sure that you can not.

Monday, August 28, 2006


Today I was surfing on the Internet and I have bumped up on Scientology site, so I was trying to find out a little bit more about that. So I found up if you don’t have any money you start at the bottom (like slave) and If you have money you can start on half way (when you get served) to the top if you are making donations. Another thing that is interesting that there is a lot of actors that are trying to become famous because they can meet some of the famous actors there like Tom Cruise etc. So I wonder do that people have TV, radio or internet and do they think with their own head. If you want to find a little bit more about this scam visit

Friday, August 25, 2006


Did anyone noticed that time before you get to bed with someone decreases as people are getting older. When you are in high school you are scared, later you want it but you can get it and etc. Finally you get laid after first coffee. Last stop on that road is I have a headache. So here is a little picture to all of you out there.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Stars before they were stars

This is a video of stars before they were stars. It is funny to see all this people in low budget movies. Here you can see Brad Pitt, Kurt Russell, Jean Claude van Damme, John Travolta, Geri Halliwell, Jennifer Aniston and more. And I want to thanks all off you clicking on adds. Amount earned until now is 2.96 $ (ha, ha, ha:)). But we are not giving up.
Stars, before they were stars.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Most expensive cocktail

Most expensive cocktail on the world you can drink in hotel “Merchant” in Belfast for 750 ₤.
Cocktail consists of few different kinds of expensive drinks among which is 200 years old cognac, 17 years old rum in a glass surrounded by 23 karat gold flakes. “Cocktail is worth every penny spent” accordingly to waiter of the bar (can anyone calculate what would be the tip for that cocktail :) ).

Friday, August 18, 2006

Perez Hilton

Today I have found up a great site that is so funny that you just have to visit it.
It is called and there you will find pictures that you cant find anywhere on the net. Texts with pictures are short but that’s just more than enough to make you smile.
Now my top list :
1. Seinfeld

so until tomorrow enjoy with

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Ronaldinho Bottle Opener

Italy-Croatia 0:2
I am so sorry that I was wrong (ha,ha).
Not so good game as my satisfaction. They are after all world champions.
I have found some funny staff today on the net.
Maybe all of you don’t now that Brazilians are mad about their teams performance on the last world cup and among them on theirs biggest star Ronaldhino. So they have found a way to laugh on their account for a while.
May I present Ronaldinho Bottle Opener.
Until tomorrow enjoy this pictures.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

End of vacation

Ok people,
I am back from my vacation.
I had a great time and I am really relaxed right now.
What can I say. I have promised some pictures from it and a have failed but I will try to make it up to you in a next few days ( there will be a lot of pictures and maybe some videos).
Today’s top theme in Croatia is tonight’s game between Croatia and Italy which is current world champion. We have a good team, new manager and game could go both ways so we have to vait and see. My prediction is Italy-Croatia 1-2.
For you that have been clicking on adds thanks , because my current earnings have doubled and now they are 2,74$ :-).
That’s is a little less that I have imagined but I have some ideas so we will see.
About vacations of celebrities:

Paris Hilton – why magazines are writing about vacation of Paris Hilton because she is on vacation whole year. (what does she do)

Tori spelling -. Finally she gets what she deserves (father didn’t left her anything). What kind off a person sues her own mother.

For the end something about horror. See last picture of Britney

Friday, July 28, 2006

Last working day

Today it is my last working day before vacation so I already apologize for posts that wont be coming day by day but whenever I can. I am going on island Brač and I have put link on the side bar so that you can see where it is. I am going to be in a little place called Selca. It is a nice little place about 2 miles from the sea on the east side of the island just across Makarska . They have amazing looking church, nice people and what is most important they are not exploited yet so you can really rest.
The nicest beach is 3 miles away and we call it little Zlatni Rat which is among few nicest beaches in the world and you should visit it because if you don’t you will be sorry (pictur on the left).
I will tray to put some pictures during my stay there but I cant promise that (I will put these pictures when I came back) because there is only one Internet corner and believe me that is more than enough.
About rest of the topics I am pissed off about Israel attacking Palestine, questioned why Real Madrid buys old players and worried about prices of oil ( and of course mother earth ).
So good people around world be good.

Thursday, July 27, 2006


I am sorry people but my blog was locked for few days. Some checking from provider. But I am back now. I have put links on few things that I forgot and that I have promised ( Seinfeld and Vinišće) so if you are still interested look up.
There is new tool for finding best keyword so you can check it on this link GOOGLE SUGGESTS. It is a nice game and I think every one will find something interesting.

Yesterday I have become an uncle. It is my fourth nephew (I also have two nieces) so hi to little Ruben.

Today I will try to explain what it is like to live in my hometown. Split is special place on earth with just winter and summer. Winter is little to easy, with wind called Bura and believe me you don’t want to find out how it blows. Summer is different story and during that you fill like you are in paradise. You will not find here mass attracting tourism but natural country that you should visit before it becomes commercial. Special thing about Split is that here no one is celebrities. We have people like Goran Ivanisevic, Toni Kukoc, Dino Rada, Zan Tabak, Mario Ancic, Blanka Vlasic etc. and they all walk around and no one is bothering them. Try to imagine let say Brad Pitt in his home town to try to drink a coffee ,and read newspaper in peace. This happens because of Fjaka witch a have described earlier. Split is town build around roman palace from year 300 a.c. and it is I think only palace that lives with real people inside and few things that you can see only here in this special little environment. Split is town with 300000 people and special hearth that you should see.
That is it about Split because I don’t wont to molest you and if you are interested some more you will find out yourself.

Monday, July 24, 2006


Ok, people it is starting to roll.
Today I have checked my account and I was surprised.
I have made 1,18 $.
So thanks to those people that clicked on adds.
Yesterday two off my friends got child so first congratulations to them and second hi to little Tonči.
I don’t now what to tell you today because I didn’t sleep all night ( it was to hot 33 C), and whole day is even hotter so my brain is boiling. Today I have to work so swimming in a sea is not an option. So for today suffering is key word.

Resting Day

Sunday is resting day.

sleep,sleep, hrk, hrk, mmmmm............

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Party of phedophils

Ok, people I am back
Today is saturday and I was out today so this post is little late.
Summer in croatia is slow time specialy on weekends when people just think about going on to the beach and cooling down.
Today we went to little place called Vinisce. It is small place about 50 km from Split. We went there to see some friends and we had a great time there so hi to them. For people who wont to se the place I will post some pictures or links in few days.
And now about something else. Few days ago in Holand some perverts organized a party off pedophils!!!! And they have some pointers what they want to suport like sleeping with kids age 12!!!!!
So please people off Holand organize another party and have only one pointer:
Castration off pedophils!!!!
I will put some pictures of that guy so when you se him in the street kick his ass or something.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Tila Tequila

Today I have found out that Tila Tequila has her own blog and 40 000 000 visitors daily.
So I went to find out what’s that all about……………
First she is not much to see. In Croatia we would say that she is a midget with two balloons (not very big) in front off her (air bags:)). She has a cute face and that is it.
Second she is problem girl . She was kicked out off school at age 16. Than she moved to New York where she experimented with drugs and a hardcore lifestyle. So she is not a role model.
I am sorry for words like midget and if a have said anything to offend someone but I am pised off when I see all that news talking about someone who was making so much problems because I have a child and I don’t want to have this kind off role models when he grows up.
You can see for yourself here Tila Tequila.
She is here just because she has 40 mil of visitors.

P.S. Pam compared to her is space ship

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Today I will explain what is fjaka.

Fjaka is psychophysical state off mind with aspiration for nothing. It is common mistake to compare fjaka with laziness. In difference from last one fjaka is higher state of mind and body wanted from all mankind. While in India and some other places fjaka is reached over many years of medication and starvation in Dalmatia it is just - gods gift.:)

The thing that you need to practise off fjaka are:


and place to sit on which depands on your needs (best for fjaka iz Skale isprid Banke)
and this is perfect example of fjaka

So after this what are you waiting for. Pack your bags and run to catch a plain

And this is TEN COMENDMENTS from Dalmatia:

1. everyone is born tired and lives to get some rest
2. love your bed like you love yourself
3. take some rest during the day so you can sleep at night
4. don’t work – work kills
5. when you see someone resting – help him
6. don’t do anything today what you can do tomorrow
7. work less than you can and whatever you can transfer, transfer to someone else
8. there is salvation in shade, nobody have died from resting
9. work brings illness, don’t die young
10. when you wont to work, wait for a while, it will go away

Until tomorrow think a little bit about what I wrote today.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Good morning,
for people in Croatia, for rest of you good day, evening and so on.
Today I will put some more key words :Pamela Anderson, Britney Spears ,Oops , Pics , Vids , Sport , Ronaldhino , Kaka , World cup .
We will see what happens.
Yesterday I was in town of Trogir. That is little town near most beautiful place on Earth ( that if you don’t now is Split about witch I am going to talk later because I wont to describe it in few sentences so I have to prepare). It is beautiful town build on small island connected to the land with bridges. It is nice to walk trough little streets ( in Dalmatian trough Kale) of this town specially in summer when you can see lots of different nations . It is strange how you can sit whale day ( in Dalmatian it is called FJAKA and is special state of mind) and watch this people go around and taking pictures off everything and realize that with all this tapeing and filming they miss most important thing in every town that they visit and that is heart and soul off people . So if you ever visit any place on earth take my advice and buy a book. It has every picture that is important (you can take few pictures of you and that it) and it tells you everything about what is on picture, and you can just walk around watch and sniff the air and try to catch the soul.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I’m back.
I have thought about content of my blog and I have decided to write it in no order.
Yes it is stupid but this is just start and I don’t now how people do it. Yesterday I have put some new adds on site so please click it because my current earnings are 0.00 $.

Last night I saw Seinfeld (he is God) and I have realized that I am jealous of people wit little peaces of paper that are always writing something on that tiny peaces and than rewriting it.
It looks so important (in real life that is probably :buy bread, etc.) so I have decided to buy I little scrap book so I will be IMPORTANT :)

In this blog is my first key word SEINFELD that should attract some people.
I will let you now how it goes.

Monday, July 17, 2006

About me

I am currently at work and I am looking for some new advertisements that I wont to put on my site. But I don’t wont to over book it so that it looks blahhh.
I didn’t say anything about me so in next few sentences I will tray to inform you as much as I can.
My name is not important so I wont write it and you can call me Mariolino.
I am 32 years old , married and have one child.
I have finished electrical engineering and I am working for one telephone company in Croatia.
I am doing this to try to make some side by money for some things that I wont to buy (nothing big) so please click on adverts.
It is hard to make money over Internet from Croatia because living in here is different ( I will try to describe it later on some postings and you will I am sure visit my country) than in USA or some other countries and English is not our mother language ( I am apologiseing for mistakes that I make). That’s reason I am writing in English.

That is for now see you later.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Worming up!

For people that don’t understand Croatian first sentence on this blog means „This is the beginning“.
Today I have added first advertisement on my blog that should make money and it is from Adsence (thanks to them). So people click on it please.

Thursday, July 13, 2006


Ovo je početak!