Monday, July 17, 2006

About me

I am currently at work and I am looking for some new advertisements that I wont to put on my site. But I don’t wont to over book it so that it looks blahhh.
I didn’t say anything about me so in next few sentences I will tray to inform you as much as I can.
My name is not important so I wont write it and you can call me Mariolino.
I am 32 years old , married and have one child.
I have finished electrical engineering and I am working for one telephone company in Croatia.
I am doing this to try to make some side by money for some things that I wont to buy (nothing big) so please click on adverts.
It is hard to make money over Internet from Croatia because living in here is different ( I will try to describe it later on some postings and you will I am sure visit my country) than in USA or some other countries and English is not our mother language ( I am apologiseing for mistakes that I make). That’s reason I am writing in English.

That is for now see you later.

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