Friday, July 21, 2006

Tila Tequila

Today I have found out that Tila Tequila has her own blog and 40 000 000 visitors daily.
So I went to find out what’s that all about……………
First she is not much to see. In Croatia we would say that she is a midget with two balloons (not very big) in front off her (air bags:)). She has a cute face and that is it.
Second she is problem girl . She was kicked out off school at age 16. Than she moved to New York where she experimented with drugs and a hardcore lifestyle. So she is not a role model.
I am sorry for words like midget and if a have said anything to offend someone but I am pised off when I see all that news talking about someone who was making so much problems because I have a child and I don’t want to have this kind off role models when he grows up.
You can see for yourself here Tila Tequila.
She is here just because she has 40 mil of visitors.

P.S. Pam compared to her is space ship

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