Wednesday, August 16, 2006

End of vacation

Ok people,
I am back from my vacation.
I had a great time and I am really relaxed right now.
What can I say. I have promised some pictures from it and a have failed but I will try to make it up to you in a next few days ( there will be a lot of pictures and maybe some videos).
Today’s top theme in Croatia is tonight’s game between Croatia and Italy which is current world champion. We have a good team, new manager and game could go both ways so we have to vait and see. My prediction is Italy-Croatia 1-2.
For you that have been clicking on adds thanks , because my current earnings have doubled and now they are 2,74$ :-).
That’s is a little less that I have imagined but I have some ideas so we will see.
About vacations of celebrities:

Paris Hilton – why magazines are writing about vacation of Paris Hilton because she is on vacation whole year. (what does she do)

Tori spelling -. Finally she gets what she deserves (father didn’t left her anything). What kind off a person sues her own mother.

For the end something about horror. See last picture of Britney

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