Saturday, July 22, 2006

Party of phedophils

Ok, people I am back
Today is saturday and I was out today so this post is little late.
Summer in croatia is slow time specialy on weekends when people just think about going on to the beach and cooling down.
Today we went to little place called Vinisce. It is small place about 50 km from Split. We went there to see some friends and we had a great time there so hi to them. For people who wont to se the place I will post some pictures or links in few days.
And now about something else. Few days ago in Holand some perverts organized a party off pedophils!!!! And they have some pointers what they want to suport like sleeping with kids age 12!!!!!
So please people off Holand organize another party and have only one pointer:
Castration off pedophils!!!!
I will put some pictures of that guy so when you se him in the street kick his ass or something.

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