Tuesday, September 05, 2006


World leaders have invited American, Japanese and Bosnian to se who of them has more sophisticated brain.
So first they open Americans head and there is pretty god brain with some modifications.
Then they open Japanese head and there they find lots of electronic gadgets so they where pretty imprested.
Finally they open head of Bosnians and they find just one peace of wire from one ear to another so they were interested what that wire is doing her so they decide to cut it.
So they cut it and his ears fall off.

What is blonde with black forelock.
Artificial intelligence.

What is blonde girl between two red heads.
Mind blocking buffer

Policeman is walking and he sees a blonde knocking on the column of street-light so he asks her what is she doing. She tells him that she has seen advert on the column that they rent place and she I knocking for them to open up.
And policeman said that is strange that nobody opens because light is on.

My apologies to policeman’s, blondes and to Bosnians, I don’t have anything against you ( I personally like you).

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