Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Good morning,
for people in Croatia, for rest of you good day, evening and so on.
Today I will put some more key words :Pamela Anderson, Britney Spears ,Oops , Pics , Vids , Sport , Ronaldhino , Kaka , World cup .
We will see what happens.
Yesterday I was in town of Trogir. That is little town near most beautiful place on Earth ( that if you don’t now is Split about witch I am going to talk later because I wont to describe it in few sentences so I have to prepare). It is beautiful town build on small island connected to the land with bridges. It is nice to walk trough little streets ( in Dalmatian trough Kale) of this town specially in summer when you can see lots of different nations . It is strange how you can sit whale day ( in Dalmatian it is called FJAKA and is special state of mind) and watch this people go around and taking pictures off everything and realize that with all this tapeing and filming they miss most important thing in every town that they visit and that is heart and soul off people . So if you ever visit any place on earth take my advice and buy a book. It has every picture that is important (you can take few pictures of you and that it) and it tells you everything about what is on picture, and you can just walk around watch and sniff the air and try to catch the soul.

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