Thursday, July 20, 2006


Today I will explain what is fjaka.

Fjaka is psychophysical state off mind with aspiration for nothing. It is common mistake to compare fjaka with laziness. In difference from last one fjaka is higher state of mind and body wanted from all mankind. While in India and some other places fjaka is reached over many years of medication and starvation in Dalmatia it is just - gods gift.:)

The thing that you need to practise off fjaka are:


and place to sit on which depands on your needs (best for fjaka iz Skale isprid Banke)
and this is perfect example of fjaka

So after this what are you waiting for. Pack your bags and run to catch a plain

And this is TEN COMENDMENTS from Dalmatia:

1. everyone is born tired and lives to get some rest
2. love your bed like you love yourself
3. take some rest during the day so you can sleep at night
4. don’t work – work kills
5. when you see someone resting – help him
6. don’t do anything today what you can do tomorrow
7. work less than you can and whatever you can transfer, transfer to someone else
8. there is salvation in shade, nobody have died from resting
9. work brings illness, don’t die young
10. when you wont to work, wait for a while, it will go away

Until tomorrow think a little bit about what I wrote today.

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