Friday, July 28, 2006

Last working day

Today it is my last working day before vacation so I already apologize for posts that wont be coming day by day but whenever I can. I am going on island Brač and I have put link on the side bar so that you can see where it is. I am going to be in a little place called Selca. It is a nice little place about 2 miles from the sea on the east side of the island just across Makarska . They have amazing looking church, nice people and what is most important they are not exploited yet so you can really rest.
The nicest beach is 3 miles away and we call it little Zlatni Rat which is among few nicest beaches in the world and you should visit it because if you don’t you will be sorry (pictur on the left).
I will tray to put some pictures during my stay there but I cant promise that (I will put these pictures when I came back) because there is only one Internet corner and believe me that is more than enough.
About rest of the topics I am pissed off about Israel attacking Palestine, questioned why Real Madrid buys old players and worried about prices of oil ( and of course mother earth ).
So good people around world be good.

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