Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Wind power

Last week I was driving trough Croatia (Dalmatia) and I saw maybe 10 wind power plants on top of the hill and I was amused for few kilometers with how nice they look. Last night I was watching TV and I saw documentary about those power plants and find out that they are making power for about 10000 houses, that they pay of themselves in 14 years and that they cost about 17 mil $. Next thing I was surfing and find out that energy that is produced that way is cheaper than energy made in coal power plants and even 4 times cheaper than in gas power plant. So question is way do we bother about energy. We have just start building wind power plants because they are cheaper, cleaner and they look nice. Of course you cant build them anywhere but still it is nice idea ( better one than nuclear power).
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So can you compare two pictures below. I am sure that you can not.

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