Thursday, July 27, 2006


I am sorry people but my blog was locked for few days. Some checking from provider. But I am back now. I have put links on few things that I forgot and that I have promised ( Seinfeld and Vinišće) so if you are still interested look up.
There is new tool for finding best keyword so you can check it on this link GOOGLE SUGGESTS. It is a nice game and I think every one will find something interesting.

Yesterday I have become an uncle. It is my fourth nephew (I also have two nieces) so hi to little Ruben.

Today I will try to explain what it is like to live in my hometown. Split is special place on earth with just winter and summer. Winter is little to easy, with wind called Bura and believe me you don’t want to find out how it blows. Summer is different story and during that you fill like you are in paradise. You will not find here mass attracting tourism but natural country that you should visit before it becomes commercial. Special thing about Split is that here no one is celebrities. We have people like Goran Ivanisevic, Toni Kukoc, Dino Rada, Zan Tabak, Mario Ancic, Blanka Vlasic etc. and they all walk around and no one is bothering them. Try to imagine let say Brad Pitt in his home town to try to drink a coffee ,and read newspaper in peace. This happens because of Fjaka witch a have described earlier. Split is town build around roman palace from year 300 a.c. and it is I think only palace that lives with real people inside and few things that you can see only here in this special little environment. Split is town with 300000 people and special hearth that you should see.
That is it about Split because I don’t wont to molest you and if you are interested some more you will find out yourself.

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